Must. Not. Fap.

Ahhhh, Internet. You never cease to provide me with immature things to enjoy. Tonight while I was doing a live BlogTV show and the subject turned to fapping (as it so often does). Specifically, we were talking talking about this video and the line “are you fapping?”

Then I’m pretty sure I traumatised someone by telling them to search on Google images for “fapping” which turned up the “must not fap” meme. Then to humour people I posed for a “must not fap” image so people could screen cap it and make fun of me.

Then things kind of took off. One of the viewers posted a pic to 4Chan and the rest piled on. I’m informed that these threads don’t stay up long so there’s no point in posting a link here, but I did save a lot of the images.

Enjoy these few. I will be using all the images I saved in the remix video.


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