Victim Blaming

Some people have been saying I’m too calm and restrained when I make videos with Eva. So I get really quite angry in this one. In this video we rant about a topic that makes us both very angry. Namely, when people blame the victims of crime, especially sexual assault and rape.

This is NEVER EVER OK. There’s no such thing as “Oh, but she was wearing..” “Well, she shouldn’t have…” Rapes happen for one reason and one reason only: A rapist decides to rape.

And I’m also sick of idiots who say things along the line of “It’s pointless saying don’t rape because only reasonable people would listen. It won’t have any effect on a crazed rapist.” The problem is that, besides the fact that’s rapist talk, rapists are “normal”, they are often incredibly mundane. They have jobs and families. Even if you never have and never will sexually assault anyone, statistically, you know a rapist. You work with a rapist. You socialise with a rapist. you are related to a rapist.

This is everyone’s problem. The focus should ALWAYS be on the rapist. It is NEVER the victim’s fault. Until everyone wakes up to this, rape will always be a problem.



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5 responses to “Victim Blaming

  1. Lloyd

    Sure, ban people who have a difference of opinion that you cannot handle. My point is that women arn’t the only victims of male rapists. The majority of men which are not rapists are the victims too. Normal men have to live in a society where women are afraid of them for just being a man (an irrational fear), thats the ultimate in victim blaming, blame a man for being a man. Look we are both against any type of rape and we both dont blame the victim, but a victim is going unnoticed here.

  2. That is the most ridiculous, pathetic pile of shit I have ever heard. You’re not the victim, you’re the problem you obnoxious piece of shit.

  3. PaulM

    Rapists rape. Question-beggers beg the question.

    • Apologists for rapist are cowardly fucking scum

    • The question is not about apology for rape. It’s about what should we do to stop rape? It’s difficult to argue that – for instance – we should make power sockets safer because people are getting electrocuted when it turns out that those people are deliberately sticking forks into the power sockets.
      What you are calling rape apology is simply a refusal to turn the country into a police and surveillance state on behalf of a few idiots who think they have some sort of “right” to behave like idiots and it’s up to all the rest of us to protect them from the folly of their own actions.
      That’s what “she should have been walking alone, wearing that, drunk like that, ” etc etc is about. What should we – I – go out of my way to protect these people when they won’t do basic common sense things to protect themselves?

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