Women appal me Part II

Just in case anyone thought I was too PC yesterday, I did want to add something specifically about some women that appalls me (and does involve my friend, the dick.)  There is something I’ve seen a couple of times at work that I’m really hoping isn’t going to be any sort of a significant trend for the summer.

In short, I’ve seen a couple of examples of slightly overweight middle-aged women dressing in such a way that, to put it mildly, puts their rather abundant cleavage front and centre.  Some might argue that this is up to them and some people might even argue that it’s a good look but this is work for fuck’s sake.  And yes, I did point out that this involved middle aged women who are on the generously proportioned side of things.  If they were young and hot and pushing their boobies out I would doubtless find the distraction more pleasant but it would still be totally inappropriate for work.

And the middle aged aspect is an important part of what appalls me and not just because I’m not enjoying the spectacle.  Is it too much to ask people to act their age?  The phrase “mutton dressed up as lamb” springs to mind.  It would be like me wearing hip-hop gear and thinking I looked like anything but a fucking idiot.  It’s not so much that I’ve “grown up” (my level of immaturity should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog) but there’s certain things that basically make you look desperate.

What on earth is the impression these women think they are making?  Do they think the men are thinking “she has big boobies, that’s hot”?  Well, OK some men will think that but they’re pretty creepy.  And what’s so great about attracting creepy guys?  All it makes me think is “oh my god what the fuck is she thinking.”

Then I have nightmares about being suffocated by my pillows while I’m sleeping.



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13 responses to “Women appal me Part II

  1. Equally revolting and deluded – women with potbellies and fat [lower] backs wearing hipsters. Just because they sell that stuff in the shops, doesn’t mean it suits you, love.

  2. It’s a tough one. I’m generally of the opinion that people should be allowed to wear as they like, and should be able to express themselves through their dress etc., but I too don’t like what you’ve described above.

    I’m laughing too at the Jaded’s comment above: I really feeling like telling ladies when their thong is sticking out above trousers and numerous layers of bulge!

  3. I never have to worry about too much cleavage….I took after Daddy. 😀

  4. jadedlotus: hipsters are some of the worst fashion crimes I’ve ever seen

    tenderhooligan: it’s all about appropriateness to the situation in my book – if you’re having an adverse effect on someone’s work then you’re doing something wrong

    Sandra: some daddies are better endowed than some mummies in the cleavage department.

  5. @ Mr Angry @ Sandra- I resemble that remark!

  6. It’s the Too Much Information thing, or the way I like to call it.

    I saw one the other day, a girl sitting on a bench in some art gallery next to a MRT stop in Taipei. She wasn’t middle-aged, but her crack was showing and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I mean, it just looked bad, and it was a few inches too. You need to wear belts!

  7. Salamaat,
    Ewwww…I think women of all shapes look classy on the modest but stylish side (and no I am not biased).

    But for real, they should *not* sell short shorts (micros) that are size 20 plus. It’s just insane.

    The pressure on women to show skin, is pretty steep though and it’s sad that many women capitulate to it (either that or they don’t have mirrors at home?)

  8. grunstki: me too mate 🙂

    range: I call it really bad judgement

    Maliha: Salamaat, I think everyone is capable of looking good if they make the right choices and sadly, everyone is capable of looking bad. And far too many people don’t seem to own mirrors.

  9. bigstarlet

    Regarding thejadedlotus’ comment:

    Equally revolting and deluded – women with potbellies and fat [lower] backs wearing hipsters. Just because they sell that stuff in the shops, doesn’t mean it suits you, love

    I would completely agree with this comment, if it weren’t for the fact that, at least around here, all the shops sell ARE hipsters. Which is quite daunting to those of us WITH potbellies and fat lower backs trying to hide the fact.


  10. I think the lowriders are horrible on almost everyone. The travesty is young women who are basically skinny being convinced to buy pairs two sizes too small so they *still* get a muffin-top effect.

  11. I just stopped buying clothes in retail stores all together. I’ve been the very skinny size 2. For years I was and tried to hide it under baggy clothes and layers. Still I was shunned by women and adored by men. Now that I am a size 10 I think, maybe 12 – LOL, I am beginning to see the other side of the coin. Men don’t look so much and women warn me of getting to fat. Truth of the matter is women in general whether skinny or fat have trouble finding clothes to fit their bodies and look good because most of the stuff in the stores is made to fit the ideal size 2, or an ideal size 6 or an ideal size 12. I’d gather only 5% of the population fits ideally into one size.

    …end rant.

    Range – this is when I wished I lived where you are with all those cheap tailors.

  12. It isn’t your imagination Jessica, based on every woman I’ve ever know, clothes manufacturers hate you and want to destroy your life.

  13. lmao! I agree. It’s time I dig out my old sewing machine and scissors again.

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