Preparing for the drive home

I’ll be heading home tomorrow so I have to start preparing myself for the long haul with a highway full of idiots. I made this video before I left home but I’ll be going through the “exercises” at the end of it again to make sure I’m ready. I find this approach works very well for me, maybe it will for you too.

So I’ve got a week at home then I’m off for my first international travel since before the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  So, while I’m looking forward to the holiday in Lord of the Rings country, I’m sure the bullshit routine at airports is going to give me all sorts of angry fuel.



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2 responses to “Preparing for the drive home

  1. Just one piece of advice, Mr A…. Leave the sheep alone!!! The kiwi’s get a bit funny about their sheep over the Christmas period.

    I should know, being part Kiwi myself (and you wondered why I live on a sheep and cattle station in the middle of nowhere….)

  2. DekLao

    The bullshit you have to go through at Auckland airport is fucking ridiculous, there are dogs all over the place, you have about 4 people ask you if you are absolutely sure you packed your own bags and don’t have any fruit veg etc.
    Worse than any other airport I have ever been to.
    Melbourne airport just has crappy pies.

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