Blazing heat and flies – it must be summer in Australia

So after months of planning, it’s now less than two weeks to go until the As One gathering for YouTube users here in Melbourne.  And right on cue Melbourne has delivered a reminder that it might be a hot day.  We’re in the middle of a three day stretch of mid to high 30s temperature-wise (that Celsius! 90-100 Fahrenheit for those not good at conversion).

I thought it was my duty to provide a reminder to those planning on attending to take our warnings about the sun seriously.  And while I was doing a location shoot it became obvious what else I had to warn people about: the fucking flies!  Federation Square is right next to the Yarra river where the bastard things are probably breeding.  I didn’t have repellent and they wouldn’t let up swarming all over me.

Although I didn’t catch it on camera I actually inhaled one of the fucking things!  I HATE it when that happens!  I made quite a scene, doubled over, hacking and coughing, trying to get a fucking fly out of my throat.  The little shit was actually still alive when I spat it out!

Mind you, today’s temperature is no indicator of what it will be like on December 1st.  Or even tomorrow for that matter.  Melbourne is notorious for sudden weather changes.  For fans of Kiwi band Crowded House, their song “Four Seasons in One Day” is about Melbourne.  The gathering day could be stormy, just as hot as today, even hotter or pleasant and mild.  Or some combination of all of those.

People think the talk of rapid changes to the weather here is exaggerated here but it isn’t.  The record for weirdest day I have experienced here was summer last year.  It was really hot, more than 38 Celsius (close enough to 100 Fahrenheit) when a storm front moved in late in the afternoon.  This would normally cool things down a bit but the temperature dropped 15 degrees Fahrenheit in an hour.  The maximum the next day was 20 degrees lower than the maximum on this day.

So yeah, Melbourne is not a city that rewards you for planning an outdoor event a long time in advance.  If there’s torrential rain on the day of the gathering the crowd will probably punch me out.



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4 responses to “Blazing heat and flies – it must be summer in Australia

  1. Katie

    We’ve been having some crazy weather here in Texas, as well. One hour, you’ll need fleece and long pants, at least. A few hours later, you’re covered in sweat if you step outside for more than 10 minutes. It’s awful.

    And, I LOVE Crowded House!

  2. Mr Angry, I recommend that you try some lighter colored clothing as well as insect repellent. Particularly the color yellow. Get yourself one of these LIVESTRONG baseball caps. I’m not making this up.

  3. Katie: the temperature dropped 20 degrees the day after I made this video!

    David: I’m you added you weren’t making it up 🙂

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