Angry Brother

So I’ve decided to have my own “reality” video show.  Mainly because my head is crowded with all these creepy characters who manifest themselves in videos wearing masks.  I need to vote a few of them out of my head.  The plan of action was basically my daughter’s – she started off by suggesting “Angry Idol” but I’m not cruel enough to inflict my singing voice on you.

And so “Angry Brother” was born.



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8 responses to “Angry Brother

  1. Simon

    Awesome, you should start a tv show!

  2. E0157H7

    I vote for Mr. Angry sneaking up in Mr. Box’s blind spot(s) and coldcocking him with his own cell phone.

  3. gruntski

    Dude, first of all I’d suggest “naming” each one… maybe there’s a couple of vids you’ve done that I haven’t seen…(surely not!!!) but a couple of those “horror” heads I’m not sure what they’re called. But the idea is a good one. I look forward to the next installment. But if you think I’m gonna spend 55cents on a text message to vote, you got another thing coming 😉

  4. I vote for Mr. Boring.

  5. Okay, I think the Box Head will form an alliance with the Future Guy because he’s not as stupid as he seems. He realizes the Future Guy will be able to tell him stuff like, “In the future, like in two seconds, you’ll walk into the wall …” etc. and the Box Head will be able to avoid such pain. They’ll team up and win a lot of challenges this way.

  6. Also, three cheers for Little Miss Angry. She’ll probably be the break out hit, and end up with her own show.

  7. Personally, I’d hate to see any of the “headmates” voted out.

    MrAngry should win, mainly because of all the angry stories he’s told. Plus if we ever have a Rubik’s cube emergency…… we might need him.

    Brains the Zombie should come second… purely based on his halloween exploits. If he does get voted out I’ll be very, very sad.

    I suppose MrEvil should come third due to his cheating and evil nature.

    The headmate I’d most like to see leave is shiney-head from the future. He’s far too much like Kryten from Red Dwarf for my liking. Boo! Get Shiney out! Get Shiney out!

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