Tube-Vember: an angry odyssey

There are so many big things happening around YouTube in November that I’m officially re-naming it Tube-Vember. Shut up, that is not stupid.

Dates to remember:

MELBOURNE MINI-GATHERING – Saturday, November 15th at Federation Square from Noon. You don’t have to be a video maker or “know someone” to come along. If you just want to meet a few people, say g’day and have a bit of fun feel free to come along!

YOUTUBE LIVE – Saturday November 22nd

SYDNEY AUS ONE GATHERING – Saturday November 29th.

Mr Angry’s American Odyssey – I land at San Francisco on Thursday November 20th and I’ll be in LA on Monday November 24th until Wednesday November 26th. If you’re in/near those places at those time and you know something fun to do and/or you want to catch up – drop me a line.



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4 responses to “Tube-Vember: an angry odyssey

  1. E0157H7

    So you get to experience California. Just remember that the folks in the big trucks and SUVs can’t see you, so be careful crossing the street, and you should be fine.

  2. custador

    I’d wait until Wednesday before confirming your flights. It may not be safe in the US for anybody who’s not a pituitary retard if McCain / Palin win.

  3. dismutased

    I like California, it’s a mecca for health nuts like myself. Bit scary in some parts though.

    Custador, ‘pituitary retard’ I like it. Must use it in a sentence sometime.

  4. E0157H7: Thanks for the advice!

    Custador: I feel pretty safe now! 😀

    Dismutased: I’m looking forward to meeting the folk there!

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