Twitter troll doesn’t want you to tell his mum

I’ve always said internet trolls were typical bullies – utterly gutless when it comes to having to take responsibility for their words or actions. And stupid. More often than not, people who think it’s a good idea to troll or bully others online are really, really stupid.

Rarely have I seen these elements come together so perfectly as they did with one Oliver Rawlings this week. While Professor Mary Beard was talking on BBC Radio 2 about being upset at the level of trolling directed at her after appearing on another BBC show “Question Time”, Rawlings saw fit to tweet “Retweet this you filthy old slut. I bet your vagina is disgusting.”


So he’s a vile little twerp who think being an idiot is funny. It seems elitist education doesn’t guarantee any sort of class as Rawlings is a 20 year old university student who went to a ridiculously expensive school. When he was called out by the radio host he refused to back down. Because he’s a proper hard man, he is.


You see? He won’t be silenced! Twitter is his voice! And he’s not afraid to say it to your face either. Because look at his face! Apparently this will have some affect on you. If you think about it. Honestly, I’m not sure what his point is here.

Is there anything that could make such a fearless Twitter warrior back down? Well, turns out there is.

Threaten to tell his mum.

I’m serious. This absolute moron is posting this ridiculously needless and vile trash with his real name and real photo. Apparently completely unaware of the fact there could be any downside to this. Then this happened:


And approximately nanoseconds late came the loser’s grovelling apology.


I didn’t think is was possible for someone who would make that first tweet to come across as even more worthless and pathetic but turning into a blubbering mess because someone is going to tell your mummy you’ve been a bad boy?

Wow. Just… wow.

He also posted a longer justification for his miserable behaviour on Facebook.


That rubbish is so self-serving and insincere I reckon your average politician would be green with envy. Saying he “apologised immediately” is a direct lie. Oh, unless he actually meant to type “as soon as I thought someone would tell my mum”. Fucking loser.

And he actually used the “out of context” line! This is the equivalent of “I’m not racist, but…” The cowardice needed to make the original tweet because you’re stupid enough to think you won’t have to face any consequences then make sad non-apologies when you do get blowback is extraordinary.

This guy’s a real catch. Privileged, obnoxious, bullying and cowardly. I’m sure there are some people saying he should be pursued and punished but I don’t agree. Having to live with the humiliation of the world knowing you’re such a sad little tosser is punishment enough.

And as it’s clear he only offered his empty apology when someone threatened to tell his mum, it must have been disappointing when he made the front page of the paper:


So the next time you have to put up with someone attempting to troll or bully you online, comfort yourself with the knowledge that they are nothing more than a sad, cowardly loser.

And they’re scared of their mum.


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